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We Love Terrific Bark Park!

I stumbled across the most wonderful, safe space for dogs whilst driving about the beautiful countryside of South Bucks. As a trainer and behaviourist and owner of four dogs I am always looking for safe spaces to enjoy with both clients and my own dogs. Not every dog is at the stage of walking safely off lead in public. Equally, it is often nice to just relax and let your dogs enjoy themselves without any social pressures.

Secure Dog Park

Terrific Bark Park is an exciting, private, secure dog park just off Rickman's Lane, Stoke Poges. With parking for 2 cars and up to four dogs, the space is ideal to enjoy one to one with your dog or make it a playdate and enjoy with a friend and their dog too. The space is only hired to one client at a time, so the space is yours to enjoy for an hour without interruption.

The park itself comprises of two paddocks split over 1.8 acres of land. Set within a beautiful estate amongst woodland and open countryside it is a lovely, tranquil environment. There is a double gated entry system to deter any potential escapees and secured with 6 foot high stock fencing. The fence is also buried and backfilled by 2 feet so even the most determined Houdini can be contained!

An Adventure Suitable for Any Dog

This space is ideal for reactive or anxious dogs as they can enjoy it alone or with a friend without other dogs causing them stress. It is also the perfect place to practice recall and proof your training skills. I am looking forward to spending time here with my own reactive girls as well as using it as a training space with clients.

So far I have visited with dogs ranging from 6 months up. We have worked on loose lead walking, recall, obedience skills, and had lots of fun with the toys and agility equipment. My older dogs have enjoyed exploring at a more leisurely pace, having the freedom to sniff and take their time whilst I relaxed in the sun. Win win!

Well Equipped

Drinking water, paddling pools, toys, agility equipment, a sheltered seating area. At Terrific Bark Park they have thought of everything! My dogs particularly enjoyed sniffing about in the wooded area and chasing each other through the grass.

Easy to Book

The park is open 7 days a week from 6.30am until 8pm throughout the summer. Booking is so straightforward. Just visit their Facebook page Terrific Bark Park ( and click on the link. You can see available sessions and pay online.

We are looking forward to many more fun-filled visits. A truly amazing, stress free space to enjoy safely with your dog.

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